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Do you use Viralmailers & Safelists.These powerful tools can exponentially increase your website traffic and boost your sales by allowing you to send your message to a massive network of potential customers.


With our powerful promotional services, we can help you reach over 6 million subscribers across 100+ top viral mailers and safelists Plus additionally we Index your URL to 5000 Sites

Whether you're looking to boost signups, drive sales, or increase brand awareness, our targeted approach ensures that your message gets in front of the right audience

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Viral mailers/Safelists allow users to send promotional emails to a large network of subscribers, leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing to spread their message virally.These are email marketing lists where members agree to receive promotional emails from other members. These platforms work on the principle of reciprocity, where members agree to view each other's offers in exchange for having their own offers viewed. By harnessing the collective power of these networks, businesses can effectively promote their products and services to a targeted audience and increase their online visibility



All you have to do is to Signup with a valid Email to be taken to the Page to know exactly where all your offer would be promoted

The Next Step

The next step after that is to add the details of the offer you want promoted along with the Site URL and the right subject line for it before your hit the Submit button

Sit back to Recieve Notifications to your inbox

Once we recieve the details of your offer we will begin the promotions after we review your offer to ensure it is right within the guidelines of the Viralmailer/Safelists and Start Manually posting your site details at all of the 100 plus Sites


GIven below are the Sites where your offer would be posted

Frequently asked questions

Things people most often ask about

How does this service work

As Indicated above all you have to do is to fll in the details of the offer you want promoted and send it to us after which we would review your offer and start your campaign of promoting it across 100 plus top viralmailers

How would I know if my offer is seen

Any campaign that is being promoted would come with a tracking report clearly showing the number of engagements your offer has received and the same would be sent out to your inbox within 72 hours from the time the campaign is started

Do I have any guarantee of Signups/Sales

The Signups or Sales for your offer purely depends on the quality of the offer, the appropriate adcopy that is being shared, the overall cost ( if any) that a customer has to invest and so on Hence we cannot give you the guarantee of any sales of Signups but definitely yes in terms of the engagements of the offer being seen

Can I Add Multiple offers

You can add only one offer per Campaign.If you would like multiple offers you can connect with the support by using the contact us button to work out a comprehensively cost effective campaign for you

Feel free to reach out to us using any of the communication buttons given here or you could connect with us on the below social networking pages with us today

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